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INTI Series




Best Horticultural Fixture I’ve used in 21 years..

This RA Master 780w is the most ingeniously engineered & beautifully crafted piece of horticultural lighting I’ve come across in over 21 years of growing!! It is BY FAR, the most versatile and easy to control LED I’ve ever used! Its controller is the most advanced, well designed, and gives the grower the most spectral & ppf control I have ever seen!! The features of this light, as well as its PpFD measurements & spectral control are second to NONE!! This is without a doubt, an extremely elite fixture, with capabilities that far exceeded any I have ever used in my life!!!

J. P.

Tengrilights are one of my top LEDs from now on,,, I had a few different brands and I will say this by far this led is just blowing my plants out the amazing just amazing... I'm glad I got what I payed for ....

Paul Sanchez

I like about RA Master the detachable uv bars and built-in screen so that you have the ability see the par spectrum. I love my light and I love the relationship I have built with tengri.

Gullah guy

I like the Quality of Materials of the build, The light runs Cool, the ease of use as far as setup (RA Master). I am Extremely happy with Everything Tengri and cannot Wait till the World Of cannabis jumps on board!

Chris Muller

Love the light! I don't really have any issues with the it!
Seedlings are enjoying the INTI Series. Tengri is a great company with great products. Will always be a supporter!


As the name suggests, this light is sent by the gods seeing better results than my 600w hps already. Once you’ve gone Tengri there’s no going back…

Daniel Smith

This is the most powerful light I have ever owned, my plants have never looked so good. (Helios 800w)

Kaitlin Thomas


  • Higher Yields

  • Energy Efficient

  • Customized For Your Garden

  • 5 years warranty

One RA can control 100 Stations

RA Master controller

• LCD display
• Timer knob
• Spectrum switch
• UV + IR bar switch
• Dimmer knob

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Tengri Lights is revolutionizing indoor agriculture, leading the way for a growing and fostering community of cultivators.