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Tengri Lights

RA Station 780W

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  • Get the perfect light for your plants, with no guesswork
  • 4 optimized spectrums perfect for both veg and bloom cycles
  • Save time and energy with a quick setup time
  • Quick plug and play setup with the 180° foldable design Increase the potency and flavor of your plants
  • UV and IR attachment bars
  • 3 year warranty (excluding UV & IR bars)

LED Chips: Samsung & OSRAM
Efficacy: 2.8μmol/J @ 277AC
Light Output: PPF 2184 μmol/s
Product size: 42.51'' x 44.88" x 2.75"
AC Input Voltage: 120-277V AC,50/60Hz
Thermal Management: Passive
Max.Ambient Temperature: 95°F/35°C
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD): ≤ 25%
Lifespan | Warranty: >50,000hours | 5 Years Standard Warranty
Certificates: ETL, DLC, CE , RoHS certification

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    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W
    RA Station 780W


    • Up to 2184 PPF

      Total amount of 400-700 nm photons per second given off by an LED/grow light.

    • Affordable price

      You get the best price for quality LED lights

    • Lab tested

      We provide rigorous light lab testing to you. When we say power we mean it.

    • 5 years

      Tengri Grow Lights warrants no manufacturing defaults for 5 years.

    We are growers like you and know far too well how grow light is the critical component to any indoor garden.

    – Tengri Lights


    1. Why Tengri Lights?

    We have chosen and sourced only the highest possible standard of LED lighting fixtures with an unmatched combination of efficiency, savings, and reliability.

    The Key Benefits

    Optimized Spectrum

    Provides light in the PAR region which is suitable for supporting each phase of growth and type of plant. We tailor the spectrum for you!

    Light Intensity

    Increased Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) needed to support growth, development, and yield.

    Energy Saving

    LED lighting saves up to 40% compared to traditional sources such as High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights. Save while you grow.

    Heat Management

    Reduced heat and HVAC requirements reduces the amount of watering needed and increases the overall energy saving for greater crop yield per watt consumed.

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